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Thread: Artrage and Windows Taskbar

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    Artrage and Windows Taskbar

    If the Taskbar is on auto-hide and Artrage is in full screen ... auto-hide does not work. Moving the cursor to the bottom of the screen does not make the taskbar appear.

    I have to take the Taskbar off auto-hide then take Artrage off full screen then put it back on full screen and then the Taskbar is there constantly so I can access it ... but auto-hide SHOULD work. I shouldn't have to take it off auto-hide in order to access it while in full screen in Artrage.

    Hope they can fix that in the next edition.
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    Willie, I have this same problem, but I'm glad I have it. Without this "bug" every time you're down there accessing AR tools or bringing paint to the edge of the canvas the darn task bar would pop up. I have that problem with other programs, like"camera assist" and it drives me nuts.

    If you just hit the Window's keyboard key the task bar pops up - problem solved. Give it a shot for a few days and see if it satisfies your itch for that task bar.

    Best, Byron
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