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Thread: Banjo Kazooie...yeash more :P

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    Banjo Kazooie...yeash more :P

    well the main reason why I wanted to post another wip pic of this is because I wanted to let people know something about me...

    even though I've taken both a color theory class and a painting class, I have had, to much anguish, a lot of trouble with seeing colors in both shadows and highlights along with seeing different color in reflected light...

    using the eyedropper tool to get color from the reference picture has helped me see those just is making more sense to me now and looking around, I see them in faces and starting to see them in objects...which is prolly why I enjoy this program soo much...

    anyhoo, that's just a little about myself...enjoy ^^

    oh and I am proud of how this picture is turning out...hehe
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    I love Banjo, he got me through my childhood, ah, the memories.

    I think you've captured his humble character in this really well, as well as Kazooie's obnoxious and loud character!

    If your trying to stay true to the modern graphic style (of the new game) for the duo, try smoothing out the colours and rendering it a bit more, the finished product looks promising, thanks for making this
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    You're doing great! Looks like you're applying some of that color theory to this. But also, some animation folk and kids' book illustrators really push the saturation in all areas, and especially noteworthy is in the shadows. And you're doing that.

    I'm not sure that the red shadow in the bear's face is going to be reflecting anything red from the environment, but those artists get away with a lot of cheats to make it more lively color wise.

    You're well on your way to a really cool, I mean warm, piece!
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