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Thread: newbie needs help here...

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    Question newbie needs help here...

    Hello Im a newbie... my problems is every time I try to import one of my own pictures either in Jpeg, PNG, or iphoto onto artrage... the picture shows up way too small... too small to trace, I tried to use the magnify glass, zooming in, and even changing the size... every time I did this, it shows up bigger all right- but blurry.
    Second question- Even thought the picture was blurry when I zoomed in on a Jpeg... I went ahead to practice on it... when I tried to pencil trace it... the pencil marks were coming out as if it is in pixels ... how do I get a smoother line?

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    Hi Sraile,

    Can you give me an example of the dimensions of one of your imported images in pixels? If you're unsure, you can send me an example image directly to and I can advise from there.

    Also, how are you trying to load the images as a tracing paper? Are you clicking on 'Tracing' down the bottom of the screen, then selecting one of the files and clicking open? When you've done that, to resize or reposition the tracing image, click on 'Tracing' again then 'Edit Tracing Image' to change its size without zooming in on the canvas itself ( which would make things look more blurry and blocky ). You can find details on manipulating the tracing image in the Tracing Images section of the ArtRage manual, located in the Help menu for more detail on the various scaling options.
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