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Thread: Straight line

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    Straight line

    Hi all,

    sometimes when I'm drawing, a straight line appears connecting two points on my drawing.
    Of course when I'm using a tablet I cannot make straight lines,
    it 's like the program doesn't detect pen up and draw between two distant points, thinking the two points are closer.

    It's difficult to reproduce but I have it several times.

    Just to mention.

    MacOS 10.5.6, Bamboo Wacom

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    It would be nice if you could post a screen capture.

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    Sure, the next time I see it I don't make undo !

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    It happens to me when some electric things occurs, especially when the fridge engine is stopping its cooling cycle. No kiddding. What also happens is an unzoom or a zoom...

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    I've just had the problem, see the snapshot , I draw from the top to the bottom a curved line and a straight line is appearing between the mouse down position and the mouse up position.

    Actually, I'm wondering if I did a clic on the zoom button on my tablet pencil. It's possible, not sure. It could be an explanation.

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