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Thread: The Prolific MisterPaint

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    I was able to go to the link without any pop ups and download the stencils. I am using adblock so maybe that lets me do it.

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    Can anyone confirm if the MisterCanvas set still works with Artrage 6? Installing a 'mistercanvas' folder into the Canvases directory with the .cpr files seems to have no effect - AR skips reading the folder on startup (i.e. when trying to create a new canvas) but I can still see the folder (albeit empty) in the Canvas Presets window. If I try to manually install one of the cpr files I get some kind of bad directory error.

    I think I probably had these presets running in AR5, but just no joy with 6. Or maybe I'm installing them incorrectly... the accompanying jpgs/pngs I'm putting in the Grains folder which I think is right.

    They were a pretty transformative set of canvas textures; it would be sad if they no longer functioned.


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    Yes, they should still work for you. AR6 uses the same content folder and file structure as AR5.
    I installed them a long time ago and they are still working fine for me in AR6.
    AR6 has two 'Canvases' folders. May be you are putting the .cpr files in the wrong one perhaps?
    The MisterCanvas folder containing the .cpr files needs to go in the 'Canvases' folder that's found in the top level of the 'Content' folder, not the one found in the Grains folder.
    The correct 'Canvases' folder for .cpr files can be accessed directly from within AR via the Tools menu;
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Ahhh you cracked it with that file menu from the toolbar. Stupidly I was trying to install the canvases through the programs directory on my C drive, rather than the AppData\Roaming location: as soon as i saw this, some dim memory was triggered of going through this before and inevitably forgetting.

    Thank you, massive help.

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