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Thread: Screen-tone tool

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    Screen-tone tool

    Will the new Artrage have custom screentone tools? Basically, a pattern made in either Artrage or another program, and can be used as a sort of texture like in manga.

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    I think you mean like these grayscale tones? This program costs arms and legs.
    I think this can be easily done in ArtRage, with stencils , and the papergrains (make your own? I could help, or maybe the fabulous MrPaint?)

    Hope to be of help.

    EDIT: just added a second picture(by adding the pic the order swapped) to show it can be done with a stencil. Make another stencil (transform layer to stencil) to define where the tone comes and where not.
    I made the dotted pattern in PSP:
    -made a fill, going from white to black.
    -and chose the halftone effect.
    -exported as .png, and loaded in AR as a stencil.
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    Thank you for the tip! I was just thinking it could be a sort of extension to the stencils to make the overall process faster and easier.

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    Using a papergrain would be pretty quick. You might want to give that a try.

    David Z

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