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Thread: Scratch disk on different partition

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    Scratch disk on different partition


    I just found out about ArtRage when I googled digital painting...downloaded the trial version and have to say..its just thing though that I wish I could change right away is the setting of the scratch disk...where does the program store the temporary files and is there a way to change the folder/location on a different harddrive partition?
    My windows laptop is set up that I have XP on drive C and everything application wise on other parts of the drive....any takers?

    looking forward to share creativity here

    from Cali

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    Hi Maxxsart, welcome to the forums!

    ArtRage uses temporary files for undo operations. These temporary files are stored in the standard Windows temporary file location ( wherever that is set to on the particular system ). I believe in Windows XP you can find that location in System Properties -> Advanced -> Environment Variables.

    For virtual memory the Windows pagefile is used, whatever settings you have applied for Windows Virtual memory will be used when there is not enough available free RAM to perform operations.

    I hope that's of some help!
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