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Thread: open dialog behavior

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    open dialog behavior

    Hi all,

    I've got a weird thing, currently when I want to open a file, the "Open" button doesn't make anything, i choose another file, same thing.
    Finally something happens and everything work, I can open every file I choose.
    Also, sometimes the preview in the open file dialog is not displayed.
    Another thing about this dialog : sometimes when I choose a file, a dual selection is made : another file is selected, but I do not made any multiple selection, just clic on one file and click on another file.

    So not big problems but strange things.

    I'm on MacOS 10.5.6.

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    Hi Groumpf!

    Thanks for letting us know. We're aware of the problem, it appeared when OS X 10.5.6 was released, and we're looking into it.
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