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Thread: More thanks to the "Rage Boyz"!

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    More thanks to the "Rage Boyz"!

    I was going to post this in the introducing the Art Rage fellows but decided they need a whole new thread singing their praises. Giving them a pat on their 4 backs!

    You all know how much I love ArtRage, after spending many dollars on much more expensive programs AR has let me be an artist instead of reading how to use complicated software. It's so intuitive and what comes out of the printer is what I put on the AR page. Simply brilliant.

    And now the extra credit part. I work with young & teen kids who wouldn't normally have the opportunity to use computers to be creative.... I'm going to make a long, long, time consuming story very short and just say that their creative juices are all being wet by ArtRage.... They get to draw and paint, releasing talent and feelings, simply and beautifully. Once again JUST Brilliant.

    And it couldn't happen without this special gang of 4.... Kudos, applause, much slapping on the back and grinning from ear to ear.

    Thank you again. SQ
    Susan Murtaugh satisfied user (ArtRage)

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    That goes for here at school as well.
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    If this is a whole new thread to sing praises to the boyz then count me in. I find ArtRage a unique combination of software economy and style to mimic a real-world process (painting and drawing). It's unique - a notable achievement. I eagerly await the next release where I suspect ArtRage will mature into THE tool to have for artists who want to bring the visceral experience of using real-world tools into all their digital-art creations.

    Great program. Great development and user support team. Kudos.
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