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    Not sure that I'm completely finished with this one. keep going back and retouching. Any thoughts? Or should I just - let it be!
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    I think it looks done and a fine job Imight add..If you're not sure if it's done put it aside for a few days then go back and look at it then decide....

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    I think it's your call and I agree with Weembaman. It looks very accomplished at this point ... very painterly. But if you're not sure ... don't look at it for awhile.

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    Yeah. I agree, though I might not have thought of it, having always worked to deadlines. But it's sensible.

    As to seeking advice for this kind of painting, it's tough because it's a personal look and the criteria for that is entirely within you.

    We certainly don't want to squelch your artistic voice, and want to see what you decide is the end point.

    Looks intriguing as a painting with an emphasis on painting rather than a perfect photographic reproduction.

    You're doing great.
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