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Thread: extreme self portrait

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    extreme self portrait

    self-portrait, 2 hrs in ArtRage... I think I`ll edit it a bit so I can add some flow to increase the movement impression(the skater,me, is moving backwards...from the upper right corner to the lower left)
    I called it extreme because it`s about an extreme sport, rollerblading. I also notice that the upper part of the legs are kinda long, and maybe the right hand is weird (shorter than the left)

    c&c appreciated.

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    Great colors! I love the background though you could add some movement stuff to indicate you are grinding backwards. It doesn't read like that yet.

    It's a cool action image. I definitely get movement from it, especially since it's a sort of 'normal' trick -- not the backwards part though, hahaha.

    As to the background supporting the theme, it's a judgment call. If you think of film, sometimes the figure will be blurry from speed, other times it will be in slow motion to show the almost dance-like quality that gives us a different look at something often beyond our registering those details -- like slowing down some blazing fast guitar licks.

    Speed marks are tricky if you haven't done them a lot. There's a whole range of possibilities how to do them from it mirroring the mass of the figure, all the way to softening a trailing edge or even on the way other extreme of blurring the heck out of the background altogether with the figure rock steady action pose like they do in Anime. Again, that's a judgment call what you are trying to feature or parallel reference to another style if you're making one. All part of the voice.

    I really like this painting. I look forward to the next phase if you choose to try any of that.
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    I like it...I think it looks pretty good as it is..I really like the background...

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    thank you both

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    Thats great cutepoison, it's very well painted.
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    I like the shortstrokes for the background! very cool idea

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    Maybe you're right about the movement impression. Anyway, a great painting!

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    Overall ,nice impression, I like it
    The pose is action packed but I can not help feeling that the angle of your left arm is a bit unnatural.
    I like the colour use on on your shirt, the material is nicely modelled.
    As for the background, nice colour and texture, but the composition (white space) could be more interesting and be used for help showing the action even more.

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    I love your style, great work!
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    Cutepoison...this is just phenomenal work for doing it in just two hours!!! That alone is just extreme to me! My nephew does the extreme skateboarding still at 35 years of age! You guys are crazy!

    You have such a wonderful painting technique that I envy. Beautiful and bold...keep up the great work!

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