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Thread: my code is not working!

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    Exclamation my code is not working!

    my code dosen`t work.
    i got the bamboo tablet with artrage in the box. and it comes with a code. but it dose`nt work. i realy want to paint and have fun with my bambo. but now i just have to do it in gimp....

    kan you help me?
    can i get a new code


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    Hi there!

    If you received ArtRage with a Wacom tablet, they don't share individual user details with us, but they print the registration key on the back of the CD sleeve and call it a 'serial number' ( 20 digits long ). If you do not see the serial number there, I would recommend contacting Wacom support directly, as they will be able to help with any packaging problems.

    If this is what you are already entering, please email me at with the details and I'll help you directly.

    Your can use your registration key to register ArtRage with us, and also to download the latest version from our Member page at

    1/ Click on 'Register' and follow the instructions
    2/ Log in and go to 'My Products'
    3/ Add your key, and click the download link to access downloads for all the current versions of ArtRage

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