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Thread: Some suggestions on image edits and colour

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    Some suggestions on image edits and colour

    First off. Great program, I absolutely love ArtRage and especially appreciate the wonderful interface. Though despite it's greatness theres a few areas I think need a little work

    1. Colour picking.

    I don't mind the colour picking system on Artrage and have managed with it fine. Though it lacks a colour eyedrop picker tool ala the picking colour from tracing image option. I know theres a colour swatch thing where you can store colours you use but sometimes I get to painting and forget to store the colour and then have to somehow go back to that colour, though its never quite the same.

    2. Image edits

    Artrage could do with a "scissors" tool for cutting and pasting or something to that effect. Also maybe an improved Image size system? The current one does a good job but I tend to find myself painting a large picture and then having to try and find a image size that'll fit it. Also needs paper presets as well as it would be ace to make work that fits on A4 or A3

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    ArtRage does have a colour sampler tool - the left-most tool in the inner tool ring. In the options for the colour sampler, make sure 'with lighting' is set to 'off'. That will ensure you pick the same colour you painted with.

    We'll look at adding better editing tools in future versions of ArtRage. We do need some 'finishing' tools in ArtRage.
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