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Thread: My second project Cat

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    My second project Cat

    Ok besides the maternity pic I am still working last night I started working on this cat so it is my second project how do you like the colors any suggestions to make it better?

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    Looks like your cat just noticed your signature and is about to attack it like a string.

    Fun image!
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    ya your right LOL I was just trying to do a sig not very good at drawing my name yet.

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    Heh, I like it, very good job!
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    OOPs I accidentally sent my post as a report this post Sorry

    thanks I thought it was a good start to learn the tools blending and stuff.

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    Love cats! And this one is so cute! Wonderful!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vasilenko View Post
    Love cats! And this one is so cute! Wonderful!
    Thanks for the compliment glad you like it

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    Nice Fur Texture

    Nice fur texture.

    How'd you do it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by sonobor View Post
    Nice fur texture.

    How'd you do it?
    I just used the pencil and the paint pen and then the blender I just really used my eye and blended colors added colors here and there and visioned what it would look like. Sorry now sure if that helps you

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    lovely cat! i should draw more animals. I would suggest adding a tinge of highlight to the eyes

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