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Thread: buttons

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    Would like to know how hard it would be to add a few buttons somewhere with T for (show traceing paper) and maybe a few others, you might beable to add it to where the zoom and move and layer is.

    For us disabled people it would really help

    hope this can happen
    Graham Fisher
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    Mobile: 021-029-75930

    Artrage 2.6
    Artrage 3.5
    Artrage 4.04

    Wacom Graphire 6x8 Bluetooth
    4GB 64bit

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    Apr 2006
    New Jersey, USA
    If I could expand on this and combine it with another topic in the boards...

    If you implemented a floating toolbar that was configurable to include some of the basic things - like toggling the tracing paper - and buttons for toggling control, alt, and shift (there is a user-contributed utility that does this for TabletPC users), you could address several wishes. The toolbar should of course be toggle-able itself, so people that do not want do not see it.


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