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Thread: would it be nice to have it :)

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    would it be nice to have it :)

    Dear ladies and gentlemen, artrage's users and forum members

    While I was letting my hand wander on my tablet on Artrage this night I was thinking of a cool implementation that misses Artrage and that I am sure a lot of us will love to have... I say love to have because it will enable us to increase more and more the feeling of natural brushes on Artrage, to increase also the productivity of those, and I know that they are numberous, that have habits with the real natural brushes on a canvas...

    I know Artrage enables us to use dry and wet brushes... but for me it lacks one thing, the simple thing that for example for paint oils, acrylics etc once a certain time has passed the color you've applied on the canvas goes from wet to dry, and the more paint you put at the same place, the more time it takes to dry... such has for example on real pantone pens, it is wet for the time the ink is absorbed by the paper and 10s after this it is dry...

    What will you think about that fellow members ? Is it a good Idea ? Dear Artrage code guru? what will be the difficulties to implement it ? and if pertinent idea it is, how can us, users, help you ?

    Cheers and best regards to all,

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    I wonder how this feature can be usefull ?
    What is the purpose ?
    What would it do to the finish when you look at the digital painting?

    Just wondering..

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    I disagree. Not having to worry about drying time is one of the things that digital painting has over natural media. I don't miss that part of natural media at all. You can turn insta-dry on or off and control this, setting it so that your brush picks up color and mixes with what is already there, or not. Drying time with oils and acrylics is annoying. With one, it is too slow. With the other, it is much too fast.

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