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    Please Help

    I have made 2 small mistakes on 2 of my paintings i have in my gallery. How can i delete them and make the changes i want to do, then enter them back into my gallery section only. Hoping someone will reply.
    Sally Packham

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    Hi Sally,

    You can edit and delete an image from your gallery following these steps:
    1 - Click on the "Gallery" link at the top of the forums page.

    2 - Click on the "My Stuff" link at the top of the gallery page and select "My Images" from the menu.

    3 - Click on the image you wish to remove or edit within your gallery.

    4 - Locate the "Image Tools" link on upper right corner of the image box. Click on it and select the "Edit Image" option.

    5 - From this point you will be able to edit the following options for the image:
    A - Delete the image completely from your gallery

    B - Flip the image vertically or horizontally and rotate it if need be

    C - Change the Title of the image

    D - Change the Description

    E - Change the Keywords used in searches for the image

    F - Change the Image Notes

    G - Change it's Category (though the ArtRage User Gallery seems to be the only category available)
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    Hello Sally!

    First you need to go to the Gallery (next to "User CP", "FAQ" etc) and select "My Stuff" -> "My Images". After that click on your image that you want to delete (from your gallery) and on the right hand side you will see "Image Tools" -> "Edit Image". There you could chose to delete your picture.

    If you have difficulties just send me a PM.

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    Seems that Someonesane was quicker

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