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    Canvas Position

    Hi everyone and my apologies for posting very basic questions but I'm new to Artrage so please bear with me My first question is this: Once you've chosen your canvas size is there a way of making it fit to the size of your screen or is this only possible if the canvas dimensions are actually the same as the screen which would make sense. My other question is: Once you've rotated your canvas horizontally, how can you tell if it's absolutely straight and not a tiny bit out? Thanks in advance for your help. Take care.

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    Pressing the 'D' key will reset scale and rotation of your canvas so it fits in your window.
    You can quickly pan your canvas with right-click-drag in the canvas, or holding the space-bar and left-click-drag. <alt>Right-click-drag will rotate.
    You can quickly zoom your canvas using your mouse-wheel, if you have one, or <shift><right-click> drag.

    Then at any time 'D' will reset the canvas scale, rotation, and zoom.
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    If you want to change the size go to tools and rescale and make the choice of the screen size, if you want that you see your canvas bigger or no, you rescale by the top , midlle right , is write normaly 100%.

    For the exact vertical , use the ruler, clik right and set stencil angle on your choice, after that you can use the rouler as gide for your canvas.

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