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Thread: 1-1 Cursor mapping not working

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    1-1 Cursor mapping not working

    I'm having a frustrating time! I'm working on an Apple G5 with a 30" screen. I've put the resolution of the paper at the same as the screen. All seems to work well, until I start trying to use it!

    I find that the pen seems to work like a mouse - I put it down on the right hand side of the screen and it writes on the left (near where it was before) instead of moving to where I'm pointing.

    What is likely to be the problem?

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    as strange as it may seem, try turning ON mouse mode in artrage. it seems to fix this. not sure exactly what it does.
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    Hi there. Sorry to hear you're having some problems. You won't find a mouse mode setting on the Mac, that's a PC setting for some tablets and configurations which don't work as well with the default high resolution method of getting tablet info.

    Can you tell me what sort of tablet you are using? The default mapping for tablets in their settings should work with Artrage but I'd be happy to work with you to find out what's going on there. You can also contact me directly at
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