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Thread: Artrage on Windows 7 beta

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    Artrage on Windows 7 beta


    I have succesfully installed the beta of Windows 7 on my beloved TC1100, pentium m 1.0ghz, 1GB RAM, and downloaded Artrage starter edition (since I've lost my activation key, I can't try the full one - but I'm going to mail Dave soon ). Everything works flawlessly, even smoother than in windows xp. I would love to try the paint roller at its biggest size to see if it's less stuttering than before.
    Anyway, this new os is amazing, even at its early stages.

    Just to let you know

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    Great - thanks for that.
    I haven't even thought about Win 7 yet.
    When Win 7 is closer to release we'll get developer editions, and we'll make sure ArtRage works properly. (A couple of times in the past I've had early releases of operating systems, done the debugging and whatever changes were needed to make stuff work, only to have the OS change in final release which caused problems with my software)
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    Windows 7

    Windows 7 ( I call it ReVista cause it is still the Vista core and NTFS file system ) seems to be more stable at this point than Vista was when released.

    Sad to report that Corel things seem to break though

    However, Corel might work if I re-installed it. I just haven't got around to trying that since I seldom use Painter Essentials 4 anymore since I found artrage. But when I tried them under Windows 7 they froze.

    I knew artrage didn't freeze but I almost always am on my XP desktop with bigger monitor for that. In the process of booting installed programs to see what worked and what didn't I clicked in and out of artrage when I saw it worked fine.
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    AR2.5 is working fine on Win7 for me. As noted above, Win7 is amazingly stable.

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