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Thread: A Problem with Bamboo fun mouse

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    Unhappy A Problem with Bamboo fun mouse

    Hello everyone, I'm a new user round these parts and i have a Wacom Bamboo Fun, with both the pen and the mouse.
    My problem occurs with the mouse when using ArtRage the mouse pointer jumps off to the right.

    was gonna post an URL to a Screenshot of the problem, but it wont let me as this is my first post, how long will it be until i can?

    Just wondered if this was a known issue, as ArtRage came with my bamboo

    thank you

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    Hi there,

    It will take a few posts until you can posts URLs as we've had to prevent spammers from doing so. I'd recommend emailing me directly at with the screenshot, the operating system version and details of the problem so that I can what I can do to help.
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    I had a similar problem and unplugging my mouse fixed it.
    Its not a perfect solution.

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