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Thread: image on a transparent background

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    image on a transparent background

    hi can i create an image that is placed in a transparent background or is just the size the image so the image looks like its floating


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    Yes you can.
    Simply go to the paper settings and move the opacity to 0

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    hi - tks for your response

    i tried but the backround stays white? not transparent

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    Hi there,

    Can you give me a few more details on what you're trying to do there? If you want a transparent background, right click the background layer, go to 'Edit paper settings' and move the opacity dial to 0%. If you have done this, the background should then show a checker pattern to indicate it is transparent.

    If you want to use this image in other programs, export it as a format which supports transparency, such as PNG via File --> Export as Image. If you export it as another format which doesn't support transparency, such as jpg, then the background will not be transparent.
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    How are you using the image? Are you saving it in another format? Does that format support transparency? For example, PNG supports it, but BMP does not.

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    Got it

    got it - thank you
    i was using jpeg

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