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Thread: intuos3 buttons

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    intuos3 buttons

    Hi, I'm new to ArtRage (just bought the full edition) and new to using pen tablets. I bought an intuos3 6x8 which has 4 buttons and a slider on each side, for a total of 8 buttons and 2 sliders.

    What do you like to assign the various buttons to in order to get the most out of ArtRage?

    Also, my desk is a little crowded, so I would like to avoid the keyboard when using the tablet.

    Any tips and shared experience is appreciated.

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    Hi there,

    I'd recommend checking ArtRage's 'shortcut keys' link in the Help menu for a list of the shortcut keys we use as I suspect it'll differ depending on what features you tend to use.

    mapping the ALT key to one of your tablet buttons can be handy for example, as ALT+click samples a colour, ALT+right click rotates the canvas for example. The zoom strip should work to zoom in and out in ArtRage by default.

    Other users may have some more feedback on this based on their own experiences though. I hope that helps!

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    Ctrl/Cmd +Z (Undo)
    Ctrl/Cmd +Y (Redo)

    The best friends of any digital artist!!
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