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Thread: Ratcatcher!

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    This is my first ArtRage project, and I did it with the free download just to check it out so there were alot of tools that I couldn't use but I learned alot making due.

    I saw a Fantasy miniature on the web, and drew/inked him first.

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    Mar 2006
    Ambient Design
    That's a fantastic picture, DirtyBill. Welcome to the forums.
    Is he a character from a novel?
    AndyRage's mantra for graphics engine code:
    "Sure - how hard can it be?"

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    Jul 2006
    central england

    Dirty Bill

    Dirty Bill.........I think this picture is wonderful... straight out of Fairyland.....You are obviously a very talented Artist... I bet you'll turn out some great pictures,now you have Artrage......It is really the best thing since the invention of rice pudding... hope to see many more of your drawings..... ( Speggie is going to LOVE this picture).......( OH .. And Welcome to the forum... you will like it here..... Jack..
    Some of my artwork can be seen at the above link.......Jack.

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    Jul 2006
    Hahaha. Very telling details in the costume. The rats' worst nightmare.

    Reminds me a little of the shark hating captain from Jaws.

    Nice execution of the executioner.

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    Apr 2006
    youve done a brilliant job with the free edition than i could with the paid one!
    Draw what you see!....not what you think you see!!
    My artist friend

    We Must each think of ourselves as an endless work in progress ....Harley Brown

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    missed this post earlier for some reason really impressive .....super rat catcher i bet ?..........judging by the coat anyhow ........great piccie

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