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    Between the press of the holiday season and some personal issues, I haven't had the time to be here and comment on many works that have been posted lately. I hope that none of you will take my absence as, in any way, ignoring your postings. I'm sure I've missed many great posts but, just now, I don't have time to even come here every day.
    I love and appreciate this community and will continue to come here when I can.

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    Is the same for me and for many of the "actif" members in here Bob;
    is also good to feel free to participate when we can do it and are inspired to do it. Is good to make that clear.
    And also, there is a time for evry thing, some time people paint quietly only.
    "All are about quiet and light." Dany
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    I accept critics only from friends,
    how about You ?

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    I agree... I wish to express my apologies if I have missed any comments on work. In the last month. I am trying to catch up but it is hard to keep up.

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    This community has grown so large it is really difficult to keep up with everything. Everyone is extremely supportive of all aspects of our Art Rage group. One of the rare areas on the internet where you feel like you can talk with truly decent people. Hope it stays that way.

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    No need for apologies Robert!

    I believe you´re expressing a sentiment/frustration that many of us have been experiencing. It´s just darned hard to comment on everything as many of us have tried to do in the past.

    And I´ll certainly second Bobbi´s comments about how great the AR community is!
    The only problem with humor is that no one takes it seriously.

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    it is a bit tough if not impossible to keep up with the torrent, and while its nice to comment I find myself slacking off, particularly with people who post tons of stuff. After a while I just hope they don't mind me not commenting on everything they do.
    I personally don't want or expect everything I post to be commented on,
    only if there's really something to say on it. probably most important to support the newbies ( I realize I am fairly new too, but seem to have settled in quickly!), but they might not post again if ignored, and they might really grow if given some support.
    My thoughts anyway.
    Apologies not necessary Robert, we all do our best.

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