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Thread: Cursor and tracing

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    Cursor and tracing

    Hi all,

    I'm using the free version of Artrage and considering to buy the normal version.
    I have a question about the cursor : it seems that the tracing is delayed from the cursor, I mean the current tracing is not painted until I release the mouse or the pen, then the tracing completes to the cursor position.
    I find that quite annoying because the painting is not exactly under the cursor when I move the mouse.
    Does this problem still exists in normal version ?

    Maybe I don't use the right terms because I'm french, I hope you see the point.
    I'm using the paper pen.

    Thanks for advice

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    Artrage's paint technology can't predict where you are about to move the mouse next, so in order to produce a smooth stroke it will be fractionally behind the centre of the cursor until you mouse up. This is by design with the stroke engine we use and doesn't differ between the Starter and Full Editions.
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    ... also, if you're using a very large painting area or are working with an older computer or one that has limited RAM, you may be experiencing a slowdown in response due to the large amount of computations involved. This complaint usually comes up when people are either using quite large areas for their paintings, for example ... more than 3000x3000 pixels, or are using the palette knife in the soft blend mode.
    Whatever the case, the problem won't go away by buying the full version of ArtRage. I would urge you to consider that your computer may be under-endowed with RAM or may be being slowed down by spyware/adware or the need to be de-fragmented.
    I hate that your ArtRage experience is being hampered by the problems that you're experiencing and hope that you will not give up on this wonderful software and will join our very supportive community as a regular and contributing member.

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    Thanks for reply,

    I understand the need to have a way to smooth the tracing, it's like a buffer in music to compute processing effects.
    But maybe there can be a "dry" tracing just under the cursor which will be update asap, in order to suppress the feeling that the pen is writing beside the cursor, which is not the way it is with a real pen.

    I 'm using a MacBookpro 2.4 GHz with 2Go RAM so I don't think it's a bad machine. Maybe the program needs some optimization for Mac.

    Also on the free Artrage the paper cannot be set completly flat so it has a texture that can make the tracing more complex to compute, and then increase the delay.

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