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Thread: Help wanted please :o)

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    Help wanted please :o)

    Good morning, I have just bought 2.5 artrage and I am Frenchwoman .
    I did not find forum in France as your. Desolate if my English is poor!
    I meet one worries at the level of the illumination of the cloth.
    In effect, when I paint a cloth, why illumination differs from an edge in other one of the cloth? The upper left corner is more clear than the right lower edge. I reached with you a cloth for example.See you what I want to tell ? Be able to use me ? Thank's.

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    It looks as though you are using metallic paint on the canvas. The lighting for the metallic paint will make it appear much lighter in the top-left because of the reflection maps.
    Try turning the metallic slider down in the colour-picker.

    You can also turn off lighting completely by pressing the <F5> key.
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    Great !!!!
    Thank's a lot

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