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Thread: HP Touchsmart with REAL brushes on screen

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    HP Touchsmart with REAL brushes on screen

    So I recently picked up an HP Touchsmart IQ815 computer, and ArtRage is the perfect complement to this computer as you can "finger paint" on a huge 25.5" display with ArtRage. It's really cool.

    The only thing I wish that I could do is actually vary brush width based on touch. The issue is that the Touchsmart technology, actually made by NextWindow ( ) uses optics, not pressure to detect fingers.

    But this guy: ( ) has figured out a way to detect brush width using actual paint brushes on the screen. Now wouldn't it be cool if ArtRage incorporated this technology? Painting on screen with real brushes would definitely be a killer app for artists.

    if nothing else, you guys should try and get ArtRage bundled with the Touchsmart - the paint app that ships with it is completely lame.

    P.S. sorry for the weird "dot com" URLs. The forums app won't let me post URLs yet, since I'm a newbie here.

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    Cool HP Touchsmart PC: Paint with Real Brushes

    I was playing with this little baby today but with the brush, very interesting concept for artrage!
    You can view all my other artwork here

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    will this work on any touch monitor?

    theres a dell one...DellTM SX2210T 21.5"W Multi-Touch Monitor with Webcam

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    Hi Technabob, thanks for the suggestion! I've updated your user account to allow you to post URLs, and corrected them in your post.
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