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Thread: Art Rage 2.5 won't import Photoshop 6 files.

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    Art Rage 2.5 won't import Photoshop 6 files.

    The thread title's pretty self-explanatory. I keep trying to import a Photoshop .PSD file, but I keep receiving an error that says "The file format or file you attempted to load is not supported by Art Rage."

    The help file says that it is capable of importing .PSD files from five up. What gives?

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    Check that your PSD is RGB (not CMYK) and that it's not 16bits per channel. If you need to change the image mode of you PSD in Photoshop, and save it under a different name. Then try opening it in ArtRage again.
    If ArtRage still can't open it, send an EMail to and Dave will give you instructions for sending us the PSD to take a look at to see if there is a bug in ArtRage we can solve.
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