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    First Post: Barbara's Spring

    This is the first time I've posted in AR Forums! I've been playing around with Art Rage and my new Intuos3 since this last summer. I've just taken a couple of courses through LVSOnline (have taken many others at LVS over the years such as for Paint Shop Pro, etc.). I've just taken the "Intro to Art Rage" (taught by John Kamar) and now just finished "Digital Art" with Hillary Sadur (a basic digital painting class).

    "Barbara's Spring" was the final assignment for the Digital Art class. It was inspired by a sketch by Hillary. Any comments or suggestions are welcome.

    "SPRING"!!! Or is it early summer? Even though I did use a few of ArtRages's stencils as aids for a few elements, I enjoyed creating this landscape using a sketch by Hillary as inspiration for my last assignment in this course. I used yellow-greens to express the feeling of Spring and varied the shading on the hills to give depth to the painting.

    ( added URLs for Barbara's classwork for these courses as per request - DaveRage )

    Intro to ArtRage:
    Digital Art:

    Happy Holidays!

    --Barbara Eisner
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    Welcome to here Barbara. Overall it's a delightful image; well done. Your clouds are amazingly good!

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    Reply to critique

    Thanks! Actually the clouds were made with Misterstencil's stencils.

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    Nice picture!

    One thing that crossed my mind was that the dark hill which joins the trees and road in the middle of the picture might look better if done slightly differently. Right now, the hill comes down in line with the trees, which meet the road. To me, it seems like they should not all line up that much. Perhaps have the hill come in on the far side of the break in the trees? I attached a version with a quick change to show what I mean. I can remove it if you wish.

    Have fun,
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    David Z

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    Reply to drzeller

    Thanks for the suggestion -- I see what you mean -- I do see the improvement. I'll keep that in mind for futute paintings. In this one, however, I was purposely illustrating perspective.

    Thanks again,

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