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Thread: Unlisted keyboard shortcuts

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    Unlisted keyboard shortcuts

    There are some hidden/undocumented shortcuts who are not listed in shortcut keys manual, who knows some of them ?!

    I am interested in special in that "no light", or flat colors shortcut when all the shadows are not applied, I know it exist because i use in the past but I forget what was the combination...
    I understand why it isnt listed in manual, cause it make Artrage working like any other standard graphic program but I like it, because the lack of light/shadows formula processing time the drawing process are smoother in low end computers...

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    The <F5> key switches off lighting in ArtRage 2.5
    The <F6> key toggles Stencil visibility.
    Holding down the <shift> key when Exporting a layer exports the layer channels to individual files.
    <ctrl>K does... what it does.
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    Thanks, so F5 was... I like to be listed in manual tough...

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    "<ctrl>K does... what it does"

    BUAHAHAHAHA - wondeful, I love AR more and more

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    <cmd>K for Mac users....very funny.
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