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Thread: Lost Colour?

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    Lost Colour?

    My sons been using Art Rage but after playing with the metalic setting he's somehow done something so now there's no colour with any of the tools?

    If you slide the metalic setting back up - you get colour although metalic of course. When back at zero (to the left) every tools paints with white???

    We've reloaded Windows, reloaded the software, tried the latest version. It seems what ever we do we can't get the colour back? We've tried different papers, different settings on the tools. I just can't find anything that makes any difference. Is this a bug or a not so obvious setting somewhere?

    Can someone please help!


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    Check that the brighness slider isn't all the way to the top of the brighness bar. (Labelled 'Luminance slider' in the attached picture)

    If your colour-picker doesn't look like the one in the picture, click the colour-picker menu button and choose the HS/L colour picker.

    Colour in ArtRage have three components 1) the Hue defines the chromacity, or actual colour. 2) The Saturation defines how rich the colour is - from dull grey to full rich colour. 3) The Luminance defines how light or dark the colour is. It's like a brightness control. With the brighness all the way down, the colour goes to black, all the way up it goes to white. To see actual colour your Luninance slider needs to be somewhere near the middle point.

    And I've just realized this is an older screen-capture of ArtRage 2.0 But the colour-picker is still the same, so that should help.
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    Of course! It would be something so straight forward.

    I think I know what he did now. He was using the eye dropper tool and picked up the background which changed the brightness. From then on we were in washed out mode!

    Thanks for that.

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