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Thread: directional lighting too shadowy

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    directional lighting too shadowy

    Hi Andy or Dave or whoever knows these things,

    It wasn't this way when I first used ArtRage a few weeks ago (I'm pretty sure).

    But the colors that are getting painted onto the canvas are way darker than on the picker.

    Upon zooming wy in, there seems to be an inordinate amount of shadow (black) in the lighting, thus corrupting the purity of the pigment, because it is not light, it's handled like black paint nd mixes into the paint when using the palette knife or blending.

    There is clearly directional light that seems way too dark and light.
    So the image in the lower right corner of the pic is in shadow compared with where the light is hitting it in the upper left where it is pretty pure. i.e. there's dramatic light fall off.

    And the paint out of the tube is mostly all blackish on the high points, and pure in the little folds where it would ordinarily be darker. (i.e. shadow and highlight are reversed?)

    Sooooooooo. . . since it wasn't doing this before, I assume something got out of whack. I did a reboot and it didn't clear it. And I was looking in the 'New Canvas' settings to see if there weren't something controlling lighting.

    Before, I was playing around with grain settings and all that and thought I may have set something too extremely. But the dials all look like they're at the default, though I can't be sure because I can't look at the original settings, only what I have now.

    Help! My color's getting muddy, and that's a bad thing. A very bad thing.

    Mac OSX 10.4.7 PPC (not intel)

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    Check you dont have 'metalic' paints selected.
    They add a reflection map onto the rendered paint, which affects the perceived colour of the paint considerably.
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    Thanks Andy.

    You are exactly right. 'Metalic' was checked.

    It's back to normal. :lol:

    I'm back to normal

    -- whatever 'normal' is. . .

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