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Thread: ArtRage Users on It's Art

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    ArtRage Users on It's Art

    Not sure how many of you belong to different digital art sites apart from this one. I know that Deviantart is a popular one for displaying in. That's one I actually don't belong to, but I do frequent several others and have free galleries there. I've mentioned Imaginefx and it's corresponding mag before so don't feel the need to plug that again now. It's fantasy art biased, as is the one I'm mentioning today.

    It's Art is a France based site but has an international membership rather like here. You can have a free gallery space, where the images are nicely displayed at a good size. They also do really nice periodicals, printed on glossy paper, with some cracking interviews. These are also available for pdf download at various resolutions dependent on whether you feel it worth paying a small fee for the extra quality. Either way - definitely worth a look-see. You'll find it all here.
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    Deviant Art is yes pretty nice, but even the title screems digital art -
    Fine Art and Digital needs to be maintained separate to me

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    I use Flickr it's not really an digital art site, but rather a photo site.. However it lets my friends who are not always computer savvy enjoy my paintings, without much computer knowledge..
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