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Thread: misleading gui when out of memory

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    misleading gui when out of memory

    I noticed that if I create a canvas of 8000x8000, ArtRage (eventually) complies. Things seem to work fine. (This puts the working set over 1 GB of memory.)

    If I try to add another layer, there's a misleading visual feedback: the pad of paper thingy shows the "add a layer" animation of a new sheet sliding into place. But no new layer is actually added, and the user gets no feedback that it really failed. If I paint, I am painting on the original layer.

    If I happen to have the column of layers view open, I might notice the failure to add a new layer.

    I would expect that the same situation would happen if I use smaller layers and try to add the fiftieth layer which just happens to fail malloc() due to the 32bit OS process limit.

    If the app can't add a layer, the user should find out about it.
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    We're looking at improving the memory handling of ArtRage in an upcoming release.
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