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Thread: Graphics Pad. Could be a bargain.

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    Graphics Pad. Could be a bargain.

    I've dealt with Maplin without any problems, but I can't vouch for pen compatibility with Artrage.

    It comes with a version of Painter and a lot of software.
    I mention Painter as the only clue to it working with ArtRage.
    I will now wash my keyboard out with soap. :lol:

    High sensitivity on pen pressure for 25

    I bring it to your attention because it's cheap and available.
    It could also be cheap and nasty.
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    and photoshop cs!

    demo versions of both i guess

    hmmm looks interesting!
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    Don't know conversion rates, but it was priced at 60 pounds before it was reduced. That would have made it roughly comparable with the Wacom graphire of similar dimensions. I paid about 80 USD for that a few years ago.

    Priced to sell. Wonder how long it will remain at that 25 pound price? I have a sneaking feeling that the price will be creeping back up to where the Wacom tablet is, should they start getting sufficient sales.

    Saw a similar thing happen with my Canon Digital Rebel XT.

    If I needed a tablet, I would be getting it now. That's a terrific price. And it comes bundled with software? Man. They're giving them away.

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    Photoshop CS and not Photoshop Elements?
    Photoshop CS goes for over $600 here in the USA.
    Of course you can obtain a 30 day trial version by visiting their web site, so if the tablet comes with trial versions, Wacom is a better deal for bundled software since Photoshop Elements, and Painter Elements are full version OEM software with no time limitations for trial use only.
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