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Thread: Oil Canvas Background

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    Oil Canvas Background

    Few members have asked me about the canvas background I use to have that oil painting look. So, I think it's better to post in this section to share with others. Actually, the canvas I used should credit to Fashmir's contribution. Please see this thread posted by Fashmir.

    Because it's very big PNG file, so Fashmir has posted a link to this file:

    1) Put this PNG file under /resources/grain/ folder.
    2) Click on the grain setting, then it will ask you to load a file
    3) Select the Burlap_Grain PNG file
    4) Then just adjust the roughness and scale you like

    Then, I will set my oil brush pressure to 90-100%, 0% thinner, and loading around 90-100% too. You have to adjust according to your own composition and strokes.

    Hope it's easy to understand.
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    thnx once again pai, and one more thnx goes to fashmir too, he is a gr8 artist

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    Thanks Pai

    i'll be playing with alot of the stuff over the xmas holidays which start for me in a few weeks time.
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