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Thread: Art Rage promo idea

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    Art Rage promo idea

    The Art Rage market target seems to be aimed at pro, student and consumer 'hobbyist'. Personally, I feel it works great in all three, but I suspect it has a far greater share of the hobbyist market than the bigger packages like Painter, Expression, and so on.

    Fact is, I've recommended ArtRage to many of my fellow design professionals who have all universally been amazed by its micro-learning curve and fantastic realism when it comes to natural media emulation. But I've also recommended it to students and ANYONE who shows an interest in digital art (and that's a very broad list). Kids especially are instantly mesmerized.

    Okay, sorry for the long into-- I just wanted to suggest that the folks at Art Rage consider creating a 'stripped down' version of the app that would work well on a Nintendo DS, which-- as far as I know, is the only mass-produced pocket 'platform' device that supports pressure sensitivity. Yes, there are some huge technical hurdles: low system memory, lower speed--and most troubling-- no 'official' on device storage memory. But the other news is that Nintendo has just released a new Model, the DS1, which reportedly has external SD chip support. It's also added a couple of low-rez cameras to the device. Think what a promo it could be for both ArtRage AND Nintendo to come up with a kind of mini-ArtRage (ArtTantrum?) which would highlight the feature of camera capture AND natural, pressure sensitive natural media drawing?

    If the sales results were successful, it might even be possible to develop an ArtRage cartridge that would include the SD chip hardware support so that the broader existing market of the original DS units would buy in.

    Just putting this idea out there, wondering what others might think. The gamer market is not the same as the painter/hobbyist, but I think when you look at the underground success of the 'Colors' homebrew app and the introduction of new games for the DS which rely on the gamer's artistic and drawing interaction-- I think that this has STRONG possibilities. I'm not talking the 'full monty' ArtRage. It just couldn't fit. But the basic paint, draw, sketch, module--and whatever else might fit. I just think it's worth exploring.


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    You're not alone in the idea Broacher. I actually brought up the "Colors" homebrew in a post by another ArtRage member who felt that ArtRage would be a good product for the iphone (here's the LINK to that thread). I'd have to buy a DS lite (I have the original DS right now), but it's be worth it if I could carry ArtRage around with me, like one would carry a sketchbook.
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    I figured it must have been somewhere in this forum (I did a couple searches for Nintendo first, but came up dry).

    But maybe this is a good time to resurrect that topic. With the release last week of the DS1, there is a much more solid possibility-- at least from the hardware side, of finding enough hardware to do a good job.

    In this whole era of pocket gadget convergence-- I can see how it would at least be possible for companies like Sony and Nintendo to move their portable gaming consoles into the same competitive stream as the iPhone as everyone scrambles to be that universal pocket gadget: web browser/phone/emailer/game platform/media player/PDA.... and so on.

    Does the iPhone screen have pressure sensitivity too? I didn't know that. But I have got a DS Lite and I bought a cartridge just to try out the Colors program. And yes, it really does work! Mind you, there's so much more I would LOVE to see in the program, but I think you've got about 4 megs of flash ram available on the DS Lite-- and saving to the SD card does seem to take forever.

    The DS1 is supposed to have more memory-- how much, I don't know-- but that could be a big plus in making the effort to make an ArtRage port worthwhile. I don't see how pocket computer devices are going to get LESS powerful-- that, and given how relatively light a program ArtRage is on a regular workstation, I would think it would have strong possibilities.

    The other pocket 'sketcher' I use even more than the DS is an old Palm Tungsten T3. There's an app I found for this called 'MoePaint' that is pretty amazing in that it gives you layers (with mode selections), blurring tools, several brush shapes, and selectable opacity controls (alas, the Palm does NOT have pressure sensitivity). I use this a lot for sketching out ideas and just plain sketching. But it does demonstrate that even older hardware like the Palm is capable of some sophisticated graphic power even from within a limited hardware space.

    I just think ArtRage has so many advantages to being ported to portable devices, it should jump on this. Even it's interface is optimized to make the most out of limited screen space.

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