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Thread: New Project (Update)

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    irishrose Guest
    Boxy, it's wonderful.. and yes, those were the days, but we need to bring them back. So glad you have done that for me, and I'm sure many will feel the same!

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    Thanks Coops and Rose! Your encouraging comments make me feel like the story is roughly going in the right direction anyway

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    irishrose Guest
    Boxy, you are DEFINITELY going in the right direction and this comes from a US girl and a UK girl. A pond apart, but on the right track.

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    Sep 2008
    Fantastic update Boxy,really like it.Great mood,movement and colours in this painting.

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    That is excellent...Love everything about it.....

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    Thanks Rose, its very nice to know that the intended appeal translates!
    Thanks SCP and Weembaman, much obliged!

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    Love this series, Boxy! Its so very well painted and seems to carry the right touch of whimsy (as in, it has a great appeal to adults as well as children).
    The only problem with humor is that no one takes it seriously.

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