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Thread: New Project (Update)

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    Hi Boxy,
    This picture is really good.
    That trees really good as well I can see eyes in the dark recess.
    The spider my daughter wouldn't like, I'm looking forward to seeing the final composition.
    Thank you for sharing.

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    I'm glad to assist to this step-by-step display and I absolutely love Your drawing style, dear mate. Thanks for sharing and heartfelt congratulations.
    Is there any place on-line where we can find the reference tale?
    Panta rei (everything flows)!

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    Thanks Caesar, very kind of you to say. I'm still tweaking the verses of the story so they are not public yet, but here's another update. I made the badgers smaller for breathing space against the titles and I specifically wanted the bush on the left to be a bramble (blackberry) bush, but am not sure whether the detail will make it too busy.
    Thanks again for looking.

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    Great, watching this develop Boxy. Excellent stuff, full of detail and fun.
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    thanks so much for the encouragement Nick. Much appreciated.

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    Coming along brilliantly.

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    Thank you so much Robert. Though I confess I'm having trouble with that left hand corner. I know its getting way too busy!! I had thought of putting a well there as in this rough. If anyone has any ideas I'd love to hear them. I think part of the problem is that I'm not great at resolving all the miriad of black and white values involved in such detail, so I'm trying to make that little pixie stand out and away from the bramble bush
    I had to go into photoshop to play with selection tools, pen tools and liquify tools, I hope we get some of that stuff in the coming versions of Artrage.
    thanks for looking again

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    Well I've been looking at this too long so I'm giving it a break for a day or two. This is where I got to. Its funny how the lack of a deadline makes you so much more indecisive

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    Not had any time to play really but I started blocking in some colour but I'm not sure about the palette yet. I'm trying to get autumnal and brooding...
    Also not happy with the badgers so back to the drawing board as they say. This sketch for the dad is getting closer I think but I'd appreciate any advice you care to offer as ever

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