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Thread: No longer receiving notification

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    No longer receiving notification

    This isn't an ArtRage question, it's a forum question.

    I no longer receiving notification of new posts in threads to which I have clicked 'Watch this thread...'

    I was up to a few days ago. Then it stopped.

    Is there a maximum number of threads to which one can be notified?

    Thanks. :?

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    Go fig.

    I just got one notification when Andy Rage replied to one of the threads.

    But that is the only one I got.

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    I'm currently looking into this for you. I'll see what I can find. If anyone else is experiencing this or a similar problem, just drop a note in this thread.
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    same thing has happened to me...I had a few posts on the marilyn painting and I had no idea they were there....I'll check to make sure I have it ticked in my profile...

    that option was checked off. must be a glitch...?

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