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Thread: Adding a "Favorite" stencil

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    Adding a "Favorite" stencil

    I understand that I can clear Favorite stencils by holding down the space bar upon start up, but how do I add a stencil to "Favorites"?

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    When you use a stencil, it is added to the favorites category. So, by clicking a stencil to put it on your canvas, it should appear in the category. I hope that helps!
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    Thanks Dave. I think I figured it out. AR seems to add to the Favorite category when if/when you use a stencil that's already been categorized. If I load from disk, it doesn't save in Favorites. If I use a stencil from an existing category it does.

    Anyway, thanks for a beautiful program!

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    Sadly, it seems the only way to delete a stencil from Favorite is to delete that stencil from its native category. =[
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