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Thread: Need a fresh pair of Eyes

  1. Lightbulb Need a fresh pair of Eyes

    Hello, what do you think about this piece? I'm not quite
    sure what to do with it or where to go to make it a
    much better piece:

    (be gentle, I'm new)

    Name:  halo copy.jpg
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    Doodles almost never work out for me; I will have the completed picture in my mind before I start struggling to paint it. When not sure what to do with a sketch, I file it under thoughts and Ideas, and move on.
    That's just me, of course.
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    ShrunkenDesigner. I really like the image. It looks like it could be a magazine cover or book cover. It makes me think of a lot of questions about the image. If I were to change anything at this point I would remove the halo thing. Keep up the cool work.


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    Dear Shrunken, well, i sort of feel some kind of humor or joke,, maybe something like 'it's too late to enjoy life if you're 'pushing up daisies', nicely painted though

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    Like the mystery, though I'm longing to see more detail in the shadows.

  6. Smile

    Wow, thanks guys. You have all given me some food for thought.
    I think I'll work on the shadows some more cause I could add some
    interesting little details in there.

    You have all been helpful!

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    I don't think it needs more detail so much as just brightening up the detail that is there ever so slightly, just to make it more visible. And I would not scrap the idea of the halo, but maybe work it differently so that it is more subtle. Very good basic work, just needs slight tweaking!
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    I like it the way it is. However, if you wanted to add some lowlights to the bottom part of the painting to depict something going on there, it might make it better. I guess it would depend on what you decide to add lowlights to!
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  9. I moved the piece into Photoshop now as I know what I want to do with it. Thanks to all who have shown an interest in my piece. I will post it up when its finished in the main gallery, even though I know it isn't entirely Artraged up.

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