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Thread: Online capability among other things?

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    Online capability among other things?

    Well since everyone is seeming to throw out ideas (not saying that's bad) I just I could also insert my 2 cents, if the machine won't spit at them or steal them >.>

    Anyway I was thinking how cool it would be if it had online capabilities. I'm into OpenCanvas v1.1 cause of linking with other likeminded users and creating collaborative pieces of art. Of course the coding to do such a thing must be quite complex (or easy... I'm no coder but one must assume the worst) and would take considerable time and effort so I won't expect such a feature to go out for a long time if at all, but I'm glad I'm able to say my own opinion

    Also I believe Andy said something about doing something in 30 minutes. And that's when it hit me, maybe if there's online function there could be a main server where one could wait for other artists to do a collab pic without formal introduction (of course rules have to be put up) and even put restrictive options to enhance creativity (only use shades of red in the pic, only use glitter tool, make sure you pass the pallet knife on everything after you're done, time limit, etc...)

    Well I'm done for now

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    Looks like they made it to the boards safely

    Thanks for the suggestions! Cooperative painting online is definitely a lot of fun, and the second idea is an interesting angle on it for sure! I can imagine people could have quite a lot of fun with that.
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