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Thread: Autumn

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    Here's a little doodle I've been doing in my spare time. I thought posting it might spur me on to actually finish it rather than go the way of 99.9% of my spare time doodles (back up to a DVD, never see it again hehe).
    Suggestions would be much appreciated - I guess part of the reason its not finished yet is because I'm not sure where its going or whether its worth pursuing

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    Boxy for a doodle this is absolutely adorable and as a finished painting wonderful.
    Well done.
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    Boxy I think it looks great the way it is. I love the perspective. I also like how the squirrel is rendered with more detail and the ground, tree etc. are more loosely painted. It really pulls my eye to the squirrel.
    Nicely painted. Keep it up.

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    Boxy , is the first time that I see a painting done by you, I don't know how you paint in general but I agree with the others, the painting is wonderful as it is, your squirell is so well done and the leafs and colors, is soft as image and I like it.
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    I like it the way it is....Nice work...!!

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    Wow thank you all so much.
    I had started solidifying the tree and may do more to it but I like that you picked up on the squirrel being more detailed, so I might not do my usual overwork botch
    I'd quite like to add a funny little forest creature or two popping their heads over the tree root.
    Danny51 - I'm afraid I don't get much time to do personal stuff at the moment so I haven't been as active as I would like here, must make more effort though!
    Thanks again for looking

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    Dear Boxy, oh my goodness, and wozer!!!! that is so beautiful and so wonderfully painted,,,,

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    Retitled Ambush

    Hmm well this started off as an innocent doodle but has turned into a scene from that well known epic (not!) War of the Woods hehe. I guess the beauty of digital is that I can keep both versions.
    I overlayed some bark texture for ref and liked it too much, so I'll be working that in. Of course they need refining along with everything else, but I think I'll expand the few bad elves to a hoard fading into the forest, waiting to ambush the per wee squirrel.

    *Note, no squirrels were harmed in the making of this picture. I guess that's both good and bad, depending on your view of grey squirrels
    Please do continue with suggestions.

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    Boxy... What a lovely picture ,this is excellent,all those pastel colours really make this one a fine painting( not tooooo sure about introducing Elves though, I think its just great without them)Very nice picture anyway.....Jack.
    Some of my artwork can be seen at the above link.......Jack.

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