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    Custom Color Picker

    I've created a custom color picker that I would like to use as my default color set. Is there anyway to reset the default color picker to my own? For that matter, it would be nice to have more customizable user prefs. I'd like my own default paper. I'd like to add my own magnification setting. ie 35% is a size I use a lot. I'd like to see the tools scale based on document size, and not be tied to pixel size.

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    ArtRage will always default to the standard colour picker selected from the colour picker options, so a custom colour picker won't be loaded by default upon starting. However, if you open the colour picker menu, you can select any custom picker you've added from 'Custom colour pickers --> Pickers'

    We're looking at user preferences for the next version of ArtRage, while I don't have specific details at this point as we're in development.
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    User prefs

    Definitely have custom user settings for paper type and size as well as color pickers. It would streamline the workflow. Also, Artrage seems to follow the same file tree everytime you access any file. You probably should have different trees for different functions. Ie. loading color pickers should take you to the last color picker folder you accessed as opposed to the last file you saved. Love Artrage but there are definitely some odd unrefined bits. Any way I can participate in a beta for the next version?

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