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    Just wondering if there are any plans to develop this program for the iphone? I think there is a great demand for it and it would be very successful!

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    I don't have an iphone, but I could see the idea catching on. I know if I were more trusting of online downloads, I'd have already tried "Colors" which is a "Home Brew" for the DS. It has an interface similar to that of photoshop (from what I can tell) and can be used to create some pretty impressive images for the small scree the Nintendo DS has. The idea of being able to carry something as small as the DS while still being able to create some pleasing artwork on the spot is quit appealing to me. It'd be like carrying a digital sketchbook around with an entire assortment of colored pencils and brushes to boot.
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    I would TOTALLY upgrade my phone tomorrow to an iPhone if I knew I could get ArtRage on it!! Several companies already make a stylus for it so that part is covered. And really, I would be happy with just pencil and paint features for the phone app. Cmon!! You gotta be considering this!!!

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    I would vote for that too! I did hundreds of "paintings" on my old Palm
    in programs like Moepaint. Great to have it in your pocket whereever
    you go. I would gladly pay if someone could produce anything like
    Artrage for the Iphone.

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    I have been checking back and noticed that this thread is getting enough views to keep it current so there must be some interest. If you want this, let them know! Post people! POST!

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    I have ArtRage for windows , mac, and would love to have it on the Iphone.

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