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Thread: fall colors

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    fall colors

    Hi Everyone,

    I tried to render the colors I can see when I go to work these days, but my skills are very approximative... can you please help me improve my technique ?
    I can see this lansdcape in the Great Smoky Mountains (Tennessee). Yeah, a french girl in Tennessee it's really beautiful !
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    Is very nice like this, with a frenchy touch!
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    Cannelle, I like it as it is too, but if you like you can use glitter in different sizes to add foliage, for more texture. I love the colours, it's not as bright as that where I live. You are fortunate to see that everyday, thank you
    for showing us.

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    Dear Cannelle, Hello! very lovely painting, , our leaves up here are almost all gone, it is almost a feeling of priveledge to be able to be surrounded by such beautiful scenery,

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    Thank you all,

    yes, I'm feeling very lucky.

    For the leaves, I will try the glitters, thanks for the hint.

    When I look at it, it seems too messy...

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    May look sloppy to you and it may not have the look you are after, but there is a really cool quality to the overall look that I think some people would seek out. It's very human.
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    Seems everything is alright when you can drive with your hood down, enjoying the colors of autumn. A lovely, joyful little painting!

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    thanks for sharing your thought about this painting.
    Here is another one, the road again : my way to home tonight.
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    Coucou canelle

    et bien pour une première c'est pas mal du tout ma foi je suis partagé entre le fauvisme de la première et l'aspect presque art naïf du deuxième,

    je te dis toutefois ma préférence pour le premier, j'apprécie davantage les fauves à Miro (par ex)... que penserais-tu de rajouter du relief à ces zebrures de couleurs, de rajouter de la matière, de la chaire comme van gogh le fit dans ses toiles ?

    bref j'aime beaucoup et suis curieux de voir plus de ta part

    well for a first attempt, that is a good one though I must tell that i'm shared between fauvism attempts in the first one and the simplification of the second...

    I although express here my preferences for the first one... one question to you then... what about giving more 3D to your zebra colours ? more material, more sensuality, vibrancy such as what Van gogh gave on his paintings ?

    Well finally I love it a lot and I am curious of your future posts (oops les fautes )
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    Je suis très touchée de voir une réponse en français
    Et encore plus par les compliments.
    Merci pour le conseil au sujet de l'ajout de matière, c'est vrai que j'ai préféré travailler uniquement les couleurs et que le résultat est un peu plat.
    Le second n'est pas mon préféré non plus

    I am very pleased to see a french response.
    And specially with compliments.
    Thanks for the advice about the 3D. Actually, I prefered working only with the colors and the result is quite flat.
    The second one is not my favorite either.

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