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Thread: Chromatic Pallette

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    Chromatic Pallette

    Hi All,
    I just wanted to share a cool little thing I was experimenting with tonight.

    I had always wondered how those cool artists for video game companies get near perfect looking values for some of their cool art.

    Ive known that some of them will output a 3d model that is finished to some degree and then touch it up with photoshop over the top. Ive been looking at Phil Saunders work with amazement. His work looks almost 3d in nature.

    So I was thinking how do they get those perfect values the way that they do? So what I did was create a sort of light sample probe in my favorite 3d app.

    I then lit it with a warm key light and a standard cool rim light. I set the renderer with raydiosity so that it would catch some bounce light as a fill light.

    I then took my render into photoshop and cropped it to the size of the color pallette in artrage. I then loaded it up in artrage.

    And then I drew and image sampling the color values from it.

    And it was a success!!!. The values reflect the various values at specific angles. Im going to mess around with it further to make a larger boundary to sample various bevels.

    -Danny M

    Ive posted both images for you guys to check out. feel free to use it at your leisure.
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    cool experiment!!
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    clever, glad your experimenting.

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    Just curious...

    i read your experiment and just wanted to say that i was always curious about the same thing. Do you know what blender is? the program lets you make extremely complex objects with reflection/refraction and other cool things like that. my computer is slower than a pregnant snail so i couldn't do it but you could make a really realistic image and touch it up in photoshop, like you said.

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    yeah blender has a lot of very powerful features. I really couldn't figure out the interface though.

    Im wondering how far rendered objects as palettes can be taken. Ive been studying the work of Phil Saunders ( look him up hes brilliant) and was just wondering how he accomplished his nearly 3d looking work.

    I can generate more pallettes with different shaders if anyone is interested.


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