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    new work

    First, I just wanted to say how impressed I am with the painters here. Many of the works are quite beautiful and certainly inspirational.

    I don't have a lot of time to paint, and I admit to feeling trepidation in using color, as my background is in pencil art. However, I finally dove in, and after a couple false starts, decided to work on a b&w picture of my mother, taken when she was a girl. I still have her arm, hands, legs, and white fur rug to finish, and the dress till needs attention.

    The bear was a pain in the butt. I'm using a very old, cheap Wacom tablet that is not pressure-sensitive, but it's easier than using the mouse. I'm trying to save money toward a new tablet, but money is very tight these days and there seems to always be something else that needs to be taken care of first (like car repairs and a broken tooth, etc!)

    The background was done with help of a stencil, as was the pattern in the dress. I wanted to try out all the wonderful features in ArtRage.

    Any constructive advice is definitely welcome! I'm sort of just feeling my way at this point, trying things out and seeing if they work.
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    WOW!! amazing!!
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    Dear Fenrave, Hello! already such a beautiful painting, a sweet first subject,you'r doing fine, you will enjoy ArtRage too

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    Your work it's really beautiful!, I don't have a tablet now, and I understan what do you mean about the priorities, so, im still "sufering" with my mouse!

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    Just great, fenraven! Youve obviously got quite a bit of experience, even if not with AR.

    Before I read your text, I thought, wow, this is just like one of those old handpainted photos from many years ago. Ive several of my relatives like it.

    Im looking forward to seeing the final version! And I hope that this will be the first of many of your works.
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    Thanks to all for your kind comments.

    I do have years of experience in Photoshop and I've dabbled in Painter, though I find it intimidating. Quite the learning curve! I prefer ArtRage for painting because it's so intuitive. And the palette knife is a terrific blending tool.
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